Why Choose Us?

There are many reasons Quality Storage is a superior storage solution.  Quality Storage spared no expense to offer one of the best storage facilities in the Great Lakes Bay Region.  The following lists the top 5 reasons why you should choose Quality Storage, including some of the important features of Quality Storage vs other storage facilities:

Dry Floors

The concrete was poured with an added step to ensure rain and melting snow would not run into the storage unit floors.  The concrete also has a layer of Visqueen, which is a is a brand of polyethylene plastic sheeting, in the concrete floor to keep the floors dry.  Without this Visqueen layer, the concrete would absorb moisture from the ground and allow it to surface on the concrete floors.  These measures taken by Quality Storage were very costly to implement, but worth the expense to ensure the storage units stay dry.  Most storage facilities do not have these features, which is why you are told to use pallets to keep your possessions off of the floor.

Superb Security

Quality Storage has security cameras to monitor the premises and offers more secure lock solutions.

Great Lighting & Easy Access

Quality Storage is well lit and provides 24/7 easy access to the storage units.

Clean Units & Excellent Service

Quality Storage offers clean storage units and outstanding, friendly service.  They even offer assistance moving your items for a competitive fee.

Quality Storage cares about you and your treasures!


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